In using the model to six years of user statistics for 22 membership-based websites, Ribeiro found that it was capable of reliably predict which sites will be sustainable for the foreseeable future — such as the Huffington Post news site, Ashley Madison dating site and The Blaze commentary site — and which usually sites could not be sustained, like Flixster. com, OccupyWallSt. org and TeaPartyPatriots. org.

Ribeiro said his model could help investors understand which sites are self-sustaining and which are likely to fail, and also help website managers identify and correct problems in the dynamics associated with attention to their sites.

It’ s not enough to look at the entire membership or the growth of membership rights of a site to understand which sites will be successful, Ribeiro said. Their model accounts for the tendency associated with active members to become inactive, the particular influence that active members can have in encouraging friends to join or become active members, and the part of marketing and media campaigns within convincing people to join.

Ribeiro tested the model simply by evaluating both successful and lost sites. “ If you don’ big t look at the negative examples, you never understand what makes for success, ” he explained. Six years of daily number of active users (DAU) data, beginning in 2007, were obtained for 22 sites from Alexa, a Web analytics company. “ This study couldn’ big t have been done even two years back, ” he added, “ since data of this quality and breadth simply didn’ t exist. ”

Unfortunately, the model also suggests that in the quest for attention, many sites are likely to increase annoying behaviours, such as sending emails about what close friends on the site are doing.

“ If this model is correct, social network sites will try to make your friends’ life seem more interesting and your feedback on their posts more urgent, ” Ribeiro said. Many teens, for example, seem glued to their smartphones regarding fear of missing something that might get submitted on a social site by or about a friend. “ From the model’ s perspective it is beneficial for companies to be encouraging this type of behavior, ” he added.

7 Responses to “Model predicts growth, death of membership-based websites”

  1. Dr Dorian Says:

    It’s a site for bimbos to meet up with cheating hubbies. Or himbos to meet up with cheating spouses. There motto is “Existence is brief. Come with an affair.” What exactly do you consider?

  2. Jeanelle the Retard Says:

    Wished to request anybody if they have heard about Ashley Madison.

    http://world wide

    Wished to hear any ones ideas onto it. It appears to advertise promiscuous teasing and cheating, with individuals that curently have partners or are married. They appear to market as being a discreet spot to cheat or two time. Of all of the internet dating sites available, it has serious moral implications. Thats things i think. Anybody elses ideas?

  3. MAK & CHEESE Says:

    I’ve heard you will find many Internet dating sites for couples like ASHLEY MADISON and so on…Any body with any Experience or Information when it comes to just how they’re?


  4. fattiemanny Says:

    So, basically, I went through his emails and found notifications from Ashley Madison… and I was like, whoa wtf is this. So I logged on to his profile, and it said that the last transaction or whatever was back in August 2011 before I dated him. So, I sent him a pic of his profile on there, and it ended up being a whole big fight…. him saying that his ex cheated on him so he joined the site in efforts to get back at her a while back. Idk, what are your thoughts? I already removed his profile. I was so mad…. >.> Oh, and apparently the email he used for this site was old… so, idk. seems weird to me.

  5. slipknot0129 Says:

    Ashley Madison is just not any dating site, it’s a dating site for married people seeking other married people to basically have an affair or fling with. Out of curiosity, I signed up and it seems like it’s 90% or maybe 95% men and the rest women. Once I signed up, I got tons of messages from all these men wanting to get to know me.

  6. Jenna Says:

    Did you know that there are dating sites out there, for married couples, looking to have discreet affairs. i stumbled upon it when doing some research on relationships and such. i was so surprise. there are actually legit sites out there that cater to married couples looking for a secret affair. can you believe that.?

  7. norrin_shadowwolf Says:

    I’m sure that it works for some people, but for the most part, my sense is that it’s a bit of a scam – seems to me they may have people posing with an interest who email you and then you need to spend $ to buy credits to contact them. Anyone have experience actually spending some $ to buy credits and try contacting people on the site?

    What has your experience been?

    It is a site that purports married people can meet one another for all types of relationships – both long term and one night. Cheating is an immature word which connotes that one is doing something deceitful fraudulent or dishonest.

    Judgment by use of morality without (or with) understanding and context is harmful.

    Moreover, there are people who have such circumstances where this type of activity may be considered as protecting the spouse from emotional pain. I know it may be hard to imagine to those that are younger or who have been graced with not experiencing certain family tragedy, but the fact remains that there are cases.

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