A marriage is a precious thing. It can be the best relationship a person will have on this earth with another person. And when it is bad, hell is a better alternative.

Many people believe that the best relationship they will have is by using their children. I have plenty of my own children and I love them dearly. But the relationship I have with my wife is much different. I see her as a life partner. I know that my children may one day leave, find their own love, live their own life and I will not be the center of what they do. They will move to various states, pursue their careers plus me, well I had better possess my own life or I will be the lonely man indeed!

When we compare our marriage to the building of a house we have to think about the walls. What do the walls stand for in a home? They allow us to have rooms, they keep the unwanted guests out and they set boundaries. A marriage must have the same parameters. Consider the subsequent;

1) A good relationship has room – married people are people first and all people need room. You can be madly in love with someone but you still need a life outside of your loved one. You need friends, interests which are your own and a way to do what you want to feel when no one else is around. This gives balance to every individual.

2) A good marriage keeps out there unwanted visitors – there must be a few private places in your marriage. Also your best friend should not know the intimate details a husband and wife share with each other. When this wall is erected in a marriage you can see your spouse throughout a crowded room and when a person make eye contact, you both smile. Secrets in your marriage add spice to your everyday living.

3) A good relationship sets boundaries – above all married people must protect their time with one another. We all need to work but if work interferes with your time together, it could cost you your marriage. Whether it is becoming with our children, hanging out with friends or pursuing other interests, you must have limitations. Don’ t allow anything or anyone to interfere with the time you must spend money on each other in order to be happy for a lifetime.

Walls are not bad. Set up some in your marriage.

3 Responses to “Created to Last – The Walls of Your Home”

  1. Xavier Hawthorne Says:

    getting my very own haunted house, with frightening live figures on halloween evening. Or no you have any other input, could be greatly appreciated. what is your opinions? Should Be Frightening!

  2. Balla Says:

    After I take a look at old records of my surname it shows many people and lists their kids too, and also the children have the ability to different last names than each of their parents, the males. They all are Lithuanians.

  3. andresumoza Says:

    Our home is only 7 years old and in the last 3 years we have watched as a fine crack in our tile floor has become visibly wider. It is now causing the tiles to chip into small and large pieces. Additionally, the cracks in the walls have become more prevalent. Two years ago inspector stated foundation was within standards. We had a leak in the back flow valve that sits next to the home. Is it possible this leak could have caused settling of the soil in such a manner as to create this cracking tha runs the length of the home to include the front and back porch?

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